Well well well. This country freaking blows. Just got here last night and I must say I am not really impressed. The higher ups in the Air Farce are more worried about making sure you wear the right PT gear then accomplishing the fucking mission. My god I have to wear REFLECTIVE BELTS at night. HELLO??! This is Iraq. I have been attacked three times in the past 12 hours and that doenst include the incoming fire we took on the flight in. Love those C-130 pilots. Anyways, I will write more as I have a limited mission here and keep everyone posted on how anal retentive the Air Farce is in war time. Kitten, I love you. I cant wait to get you in my arms. Take care all. Talk to you later.
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Three shifts/Three weeks

What a goat fuck. These past three weeks have totally killed me. Thank god they are almost over. I miss my kitten so much. Talk about needing a massive break. The only thing keeping me sane right now is football. We won our fist game 54-0. It was absolutely beautifull. Four and 1/2 months of aggression taken out on this poor Italian team. I dont think they knew what hit them. We have another game this Saturday. I hope people show up to practice tonight cause they didnt Tuesday. Lets try to nip that American overconfidence in the bud. Well, thats about it in my life right now. There are some pretty strong rumours going around about the sandbox and yours truly. If Uncle Sam fucks me I am going to be the most pissed off white boy this side of the Alps. And I dont think I have to tell you how pissed off my little Kitten is going to be. But lets maintain positive vibes everyone. Goooossssfraba.

I love you.
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Lesbian Porn

So anyways,It has been a while since I updated this. I have been on swings for a while nwo and I chock that up to my lack of ranting and raving. I am actually a bit more concious of life lately and the coffee intake has slowed a bit... albeit not ALL that much. The football season has been a bit of a disappointment. All of our games this month have been canceled. "To much snow in N.Europe for the other teams to practice" is the reason we are getting. But for sure...... in two weeks we have our first game. Work is going pretty well. For some reason I seem to have the happiest shift. I think its cause I dont play silly games with my troopers. These people are in the military and I treat them like that. I dont play fucking babysitter with them. But thats enought work. Honestly, I cant stand this shit anymore. I am having a hard time supporting an organization that regulates what I do with my body. Yeah, I am talking about the U.S. Government. These guys just want to get in everybodys buisness. You know, I consider myself a liberal conservative but this government is getting way out of hand. I mean banning ephedra because of a couple of stupid people when the chinese have been using it for thousands of years? Banning andro and its brothers becuase of a couple of abusers. Now the government is telling someone they cant die when they are a vegtable? And YOU KNOW RELIGION has got to be part of this whole mess. I say this. FUCK YOU. I dont care what you believe in just dont push your shit onto me. And with that, Im out. Oh wait.... I forgot about the title. I am talking with my kitten and watching LESBIAN PORN. I mean, if they found out about this one ohhhhh boy. But anyway.... ITS FUCKING HOT! ok... LATER!
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ahhhhhh Snow

Yes it has been a little bit since I updated this lovely thing. Seems like now that I am on more of a "normal" schedule my mind is balancing out to its regular self. Acutally, i dont know if that is a good thing or not. The more daylight I see the more shit I worry about and the more I feel like I have to do. Hey, would you believe I got a 6.7 rating on hot or not? I cant believe that. I must be ugly as hell. Oh well, not that it matters to me really, i did it to meet new people but it seems as though the man has something to say about that to and wont let us access the "meet me" function. GOOD GRIEF. In other news we have gotten two decent snowings here in the past week. Now when I say decent I mean decent for this area. Probably a total of 8 inches but it all melts in the light of this intense Italian sun. Oh, and the cold weather continues as our lovely latrine facilities are frozen.... again. Soo, lets just say i am glad I am not a girl cause those seats are cold as hell. I get to chat with a fellow Zoomie every now and then now. I think Ill call her Starchild. Overdone? Perhaps but until she can give me another nickname thats what Ill use. Shes cool in a goofy sort of way and is quickly becoming a good friend. My little Kitten is still dealing with the overflow of sexual energy and her patience is wearing thin to see me. Not that I blame her... I cant stand the man and his secrets.. Its like... look, tell me if I get to play in the sand or not ok? Dont leave me hanging. People have lives and I have a kitten to pet so is it going to be early spring or late summer? Until then, I not to patiently wait banging my head on the table. HMMMM, Football practice here shortly. Shoud be nice and cold. OK, I think thats it for now. Im sure I forgot alot of stuff but my memory is fleeting at best and I didnt take notes this week.
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One more time

OK so this weekend was interesting. 4 days of absolute slothness. Then it snows. Yup, thats right, we got snow. About 7 inches. It hasnt snowed like this since my first winter here. Going to take some pics and show to my kitten. Tuesdays practice was shut down cause noone could get out of their frozen Italian driveways. Today was interesting. Had to go tot the Doc to tell him that I was developing strep throat. I have only had it a thousand times in my life it seems. He took a culture and I have to wait 48hrs. So it should be nice and flared when I get my antibiotics. Stupid military. I am working a new shift now. 1445-2300. Its a nice break from the graveyard shift I was working and this will gve me the clear head and non blurry eyes I need to get back into my painting. Well, gotta go babysit a bit. Thats one thing about this shift. I have to babysit a little bit more but I still get tons of usefull comp time. Love ya
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Fogged out of my mind

OK, sleep is a relative term by now. I have been so screwed up this week in my sleep schedule that I am living in a state of perpetual twilight. First I work my normal schedule of 2345 to 0700 then its gym time and such for the first two days of this week. Then I am told about a training appointment that I HAVE to attend on Wednesday during the day. So this trooper goes home tries to sleep and then heads to his all day appointment of sucking rubber and learning about all the nasties out there that can kill you. As if I dont know this already. So then I go home try to sleep but it wont happen right away. Fix a good meal,drink some coffee.... ahhhhhhhh sleep. Get up for an 0800 to get reinstated as a sound of mind good little game player and then head off to pay about 2 grand worth of bills. Note to self. Never take an online course again. Education is free for me as long as I dont fail. YUCK, I failed that online course big time. Anyways, I aced the classroom one. Well, I am pretty much debt free now. Still trying to see what the hell is going on with this bill from NY. Seems like the pshcyo ex might have donw something to my credit that I am finding out about. Oi. Anyway. So I hope my little kitten is having a blast this weekend. I know I am missing her something fierce. Every time I turn around those evil fates are at it once again. I am REALLY starting not to like those girls. Somehow my choosing to go Guard and try to live my life the way I want is going against the nautral chi or something. Myabe I am just whacked out of my gourd right now. So other than that mess I am doing fine. The ink gun is calling my name again. Its been a while since the last and I am jonesing for a fix. I had to show my face here at work for a little because god forbid I get any extra time off. Well, it let me drag my tired ass out of my sens-dep chamber and head to the gym after I catch up on all my emails and such. Then its off to football practice tonight. YAY!!! hitting is fun. Well, gotta run I suppose. Hope you are having fun kitten. oh, btw, reading up on the inner workings of Buddah. Seems like he had some good ideas but I disagree on the avoidance of excessive indulgence or self denial. I think that put to the proper uses and used sparingly those instances can be of themselves enlightining. Just a thought.
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Every once in a while a person is confronted with a situation that is utterly, totally, unsolvably hopeless and is forced to stop and consider the possibility of the actual exsistance of a controlling force in the universe. For instance. When your one true reliable source of communication is irreversibly cut off and you are forced to rely on slower alternate means of realtionship enhancers..... what do you do? And lets just say for the sake of argument that the controlling factor in your life happens to be your employer as well, and basically owns you. Waht choice do you have but to unbutton your pants... let them fall to your ankles, bend over like you have so many times before, spread your ass cheeks and take it like a good little trooper. No. Not any more. This is one guy that is totally fucking fed up with being ass raped by a facist right winged extremist government who wants to control everything you say and do under the guise of "national security". WAKE UP AMERICA. Have we become so reliant on a big government that we fail to see our power as individuals? I dont want some fucking politician in D.C. telling me what I can or cannot put in or on my body. What I can or cannot watch on T.V. or listen to on the radio. We dont need laws for this shit we need people that are willing to take their own lives back into their hands and make decisions for themselves. If you dont like it... dont watch/listen to it. If you cant take care of yourself then dont expect anyone to do it for you. I didnt have your baby I shouldnt pay for it. I didnt commit the crime dont make me pay to take care of the person that did. I have the RIGHT to free information. I have the RIGHT to watch what I want to watch or to talk how I want to talk. Fuck your politics!!! You want to see how the country should be run? Ask Joe taxpayer who keeps working his ass off to support his family struggles to loose wieght only to have YOU tell him that he cant take Ephedra because some fucking idiot in bumblefuck USA overdosed on it and didnt drink any water then practiced football in the blazing fucking heat and had a heart attack. That makes alot of fucking sense right? Or how about outlawing ALL supplements because they are used by people that exercise and take care of themselves but casue cancer in lab rats after a dose of a thousand fucking times the normal dose for a fully grwon human. LETS HIKE UP THE PRICES FOR CIGARRETS INSTEAD!!! Yeah!! thats it, because we all know how much money old Unlce Sam is making on the tobacco trade dont we? Oh wait.... ...... thats right..... Joe fucking Schmo got "lured" into smoking as a kid, couldnt read the label on every pack of reds he smoked a day saying this shit will kill you so now he is suing the tobacco company for a billion dollars for his lung cancer. Hmmmmm, lets think that one over while we ponder the need for a fall out shelter and a lifetimes supply of MRE's surrounded by a full out arsenal to include your choice of shaped charges, claymores, every type of frag, incendiary, smoke, Willie Peter, and choking grenade known to man. And lets jsut throw in a 30mm gatling gun for when the mobs of ranting have fucked lunatics come pounding on your door becasue you were the only one that saw the world going down the fucking toilet and made preperations for survival. Mow them fucks down without mercy my friends.... only the strong will survive the day of rekoning that is inevitably coming. Until then, get tattoos, piercings, implants, spikes, horns, whips, chains, hair dye, mesh shirts, latex and leather pants, knee high boots, and lots and lots of heavy metal music and prepare yorselves.

Then again, this could all be brought on because my chat page got blocked and I cant talk to my kitten and I really really miss her. Hmmmmmmmm. Loves!!!
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Damn the man

Is there a point when sleep becomes a waste of time? For instance, after the gym yesterday I came back to the office to work on some paperwork that got pushed to the side because of my love chatter. Anyways, did that then hung out a bit to watch the kiddies while my boss went to get his hair cut. Thats another hour. So its 10am now which is good cause I needed to go get my package from the post office which opens at ten. Hoping its from my kitten..... and no. However, it was something really cool which I will take pics of and put on here if and when I can figure out how to do that. I did however get another slip in the mail today that just might be the one I am waiting for from my darling so hopefully we shall see. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you that while I am at the gym my superintendent comes up to me and says he needs my whole shift... and the shop... to show up at the flight building for a briefing on our vehicle problems at 1400. Now thats in the middle of my sleep time. Like, right smack dab in the middle. But hey, I am a super trooper right? So no prob. I finally get out of the office and go get my hair cut. Almost falling asleep in the chair while getting your head shaved is NOT a good thing. Soooooooo, get myhair cut and then its off to the dwelling. Set the alarm... but why? I have an hour..... tops. Forget it I think. Pop in a new naughty DVD my coworker hooked me up with and had some personal reflection time. Boom bang wham... the dreaded opening of the door to the light saturated world and the squinty eyed drive to the flight building. Oh, I show up at 1330 cause the boss wanted to have a pre meeting meeting with the NCO's. That DIDNT HAPPEN. So another wasted half hour. Briefing lasts about 35 min..... yadda yadda.... got the point, thanks. Back to the shop for the post meeting meeting. Reflect on the meeting, break it down for the young ones and then ...oh.... its 1500. Dead eyed drive back to my sensory deprevation chamber. Shed the clothes....brush the teeth actually took the time to light some sandlewood and crashed. Alarm!!!!!!!! 2120... I was ass deep in REM ... ouch. First thought is ... drum roll........Coffee. Shower first. Shave.... dont know how I didnt cut myself. Coffee, breakfast. Rushed a bit cause I slept in. Back in the car for the trip to work. Didnt I JUST FUCKING DO THIS? Anyways, I got to do some physical labor tonight which both rocked and sucked. Rocked cause it is nice to get out of the office, sucked because it was in the teens, and I missed my kitten.But, another night is down.... and I am outa here. Love you all.... GOODNIGHT!
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(no subject)

WOW. What a weekend. First off, 14 hours of sleep after staying up for who knows how long, and glad to see you all are interested in my well being. This weekend was a well deserved three day break. I went into sensory deprevation for pretty much the whole three days too, well with the exception of football practice on Saturday. Oh, thought I broke my nose after having a difference of opinions with a linebacker. I thought he should move when I blocked him out of the hole that he was blitzing in and he thought otherwise; but I just wound up with a really good goose egg on the bridge of my beak, nothing serious. Then, unfortunately the call of the demon child sucked up my entire Sunday. Blinds drawn, lights out, coffee brewing nonstop. I did happen to beat a brand new game in that day. You know the one everyone is raving about... #2? Well, the fact that you can carry two weapons at once now is fucking awsome. So, my soul was corrupted once more but thankfully the challenge is over and the green glow has faded from memory. I splurged a bit on myself today. Got some new cleats and some new sneakers. The old cleats were for softball and worn out. I was getting blisters on the outside of my big toes. OW. And my sneaks were about done too. They lasted a little over a year though so... a good investment. Got some "getting off active" equipment. Binder, dry erase board for my list, batteries for my camera. (Thats for you kitten) And..... a choke collar. Yeah, it cant fit on my huge mellon but double it up and it makes a cool bracelet thingy ma bob. Hey, its metal, its heavy, it feels good on my skin... piss off! Soooooo, I have to do some shopping for a job and shopping for clothes now. Time to revamp the wardrobe for part-time civi life and find a decent job and enjoy my freedom until Uncle Sam starts some shit again. Oh, thought for the day.. (think Ill start doing this) Third generation fireman and possible gun for hire? Sounds like a good career right? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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I knew Cats were Evil

Well, everything is sooo much better. Or is it? I finally found a freaking place to DSN to my little kitten. 96 min 37 sec of pure happiness. She has a great voice. Almost could be described as cute if you didnt know how purely EVIL she is. It was funny cause we were IM'ing at the same time. You know... those things you have a hard time saying on the phone but come easily on a comp? So, I can honestly say that I love her. But folks.... EVIL.. She knows I am at work... she likes to say things that she already knows the answer to but says them anyways to get me to squirm. Tell me I am not the only one that has expierenced this. Anyways, Im cooled off a bit now... (tucking things back to their proper places).... Oh, I decided that I am going to the gym at 0500 when it opens cause of yesterday. Take that fuckers! p.s. Coffee is goooooooodddddddd *shivers*
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